05 September 2007

My first sock(ish)!

On Sunday I took a sock knitting class at my LYS. I've been wanting to knit socks for the longest time, and sock yarn makes me drool. So it was high time that I had someone teach me. In class, we learned to knit a chunky "mini sock" on big needles. I sort of messed up and did far too many rows on the heel turn (I knit faster than the other students, so I just kept going until they caught up, oops) so I have a weird instep thing going on. But otherwise, it's a sock! Knit by me! Yes!

Also useful - I was diagnosed in class...as a tight knitter. I never knew.

I also picked up some yarn to make an adult sized pair of socks for the pattern they provided (also using chunky yarn and big needles). I attempted to knit the first sock Sunday evening, but had holes in my gussets, so I ripped it all out in frustration. I started again today at lunch, so maybe the second time will be a success.

My other purchase - some pretty powder pink laceweight for a shawl I have planned for my next project. Yum. Can't wait to start!

Note to knitters: Do not knit while intoxicated

Here is one example of what may happen:

Haha! As you can see, everything was going fine, until that last vodka cranberry kicked in. I didn't even notice the blunder until I finished binding off and all I could do was laugh. At least it's only a stash-busting washcloth.

Pattern: Little shells
Needles: 9 straight, I think
Yarn: Sugar 'n Cream
Notes: This is my favorite washcloth pattern. The lace is easy enough to do while not really paying attention (well, in non-drinking situations apparently) and has a lovely drape. The sunshine yellow is also very pretty and cheery.

Felting is fun

Amanda's Squatty Sidekick
10.5 circular
Cascade 220
Overall a fun pattern to knit, and very easy. I liked that it gave me more practice picking up stitches. The finished and felted bag is cute, but I'm not sure I'll use it much. For some reason I'm digging the look of the Sophie bag from MagKnits a bit more. I still need to attach a button, as the one I'd intended to use is a bit too small.

Here is is pre-felted: