05 September 2007

My first sock(ish)!

On Sunday I took a sock knitting class at my LYS. I've been wanting to knit socks for the longest time, and sock yarn makes me drool. So it was high time that I had someone teach me. In class, we learned to knit a chunky "mini sock" on big needles. I sort of messed up and did far too many rows on the heel turn (I knit faster than the other students, so I just kept going until they caught up, oops) so I have a weird instep thing going on. But otherwise, it's a sock! Knit by me! Yes!

Also useful - I was diagnosed in class...as a tight knitter. I never knew.

I also picked up some yarn to make an adult sized pair of socks for the pattern they provided (also using chunky yarn and big needles). I attempted to knit the first sock Sunday evening, but had holes in my gussets, so I ripped it all out in frustration. I started again today at lunch, so maybe the second time will be a success.

My other purchase - some pretty powder pink laceweight for a shawl I have planned for my next project. Yum. Can't wait to start!

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Karen Zara said...

This reminds me of my attempts to learn how to knit, many many years ago. Due to lack of practise I forgot the whole thing. Sometimes I regret it.