16 October 2007

It's about time!

For me to start my first sweater, that is. I finally broke down and picked a pattern and the yarn for my first attempt. I chose a top-down raglan because I just do not enjoy seaming, and I want my first sweater to be as painless as possible.

I didn't purposely choose navy and gray for this to be a Ravenclaw-esque sweater; it was a fortunate accident. I happen to like the colors, and I happen to like Ravenclaw, so it all works out.

Here's my progress so far. I can't tell if it's the right size, but I'm almost finished the raglan increases, and soon I'll join in the round and I'll be able to do some rough measuring.

I know it looks extra small right now, but that's just because the stitches are squished on a 24" circular (I hope).

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