22 October 2007

In the spirit of the season

The sweater is coming along. I am having slight issues with the color jog in the front (argh), but hey, it's a first sweater. Practice makes perfect, yeah? I sure hope so. I'm already thinking about what I want to do for my next sweater!

In other craft news, this weekend was full of fall fun. Saturday I went to my mom's house where we carved jack o' lanterns and had a big dinner. It was really lovely.

Jamie went old school and free-handed his pumpkin; I did the ghost/tombstone/tree:

Jamie also sucked up a bit and added a message to the back of his (Hunter creeped in for the photo op):


Going to my mom's house always inspires me to make my house more home-y. Her house is always decorated for the season and smells great with tons of candles. It's very inviting and cozy. My house - not so much. So when I got home, I immediately lit a pumpkin spice candle and put up the (very, very few) fall decorations that I have. I also made a wreath for the front door.

Just a small one, but I like it. I think I'll also make a winter wreath when those holidays roll around.

Speaking of home decor, I want to start making my house nicer year-round. I'm going to start with the bedroom and living room, simply because those are my two favorite rooms. Yesterday I bought new bedding as a first step to a lush bedroom. It's a bit Marie Antoinette, but hey, it was on sale. Next I'll need matching nightstands and window treatments.

Don't mind the mess in the corner, or the bag of yarn hanging off the side of the bed. I guess you can tell which side is mine, haha. See - I really do need a nightstand. One step at a time.

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