19 November 2007

New coat = excuse for knitting!

I obviously need a new scarf, hat, gloves, etc. to match my new winter coat. Actually, I have two new winter coats, so that's double the knitting. I'm not complaining :D

Here's the first coat:

And to match, I knitted a lace cap at this weekend's Philly SnB:

It still needs to be blocked and there is a wee end sticking out that I forgot to weave in before wearing to work this morning. Also, I knit it a little shorter than I should have because I planned on crocheting the bottom edge (as the pattern calls for), but then I realized I'm not too great at crocheting the edges of knit items! So hopefully it will block a little longer to fit my head, or I'll have to figure something else out. It's a cute hat, but needs to be a little longer.

Next on the agenda - mittens!

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