22 August 2007

Feather and fan scarf, for now

I've started a new scarf, just for "tv" knitting, as I call it - knitting I can do while watching a DVD or chatting with friends, etc. My "real" WIP these days is Knitty's Branching Out, which is coming along nicely, but slowly. That, however, requires my full attention, as it is the most involved lace knitting I've done yet. Pics of that later.

For now, here's the Feather and Fan I started with Patons SWS (a wool/soy blend). I love the colorway and the sheen of the yarn, but it's a bit too fuzzy. I think this might be better off as a felting yarn. It's coming along fine, but I am having some doubts. There's a chance this may end up frogged.

As you can see, I'm not too far along, so frogging wouldn't be a major headache. When I first saw the yarn I envisioned a hat, scarf, mitten set, but the striping may be too gradual for a hat. Sigh.

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