09 August 2007

Thrift scores

Not too long ago, I came across a bag of yarn in my local thrift store. The store usually has the random bag or skein of yarn, but it's typically ratty-looking acrylic that is easy to pass by. On this particular day, the bag of yarn I found looked somewhat promising. At the very least, it had some interesting yarns inside. I could see a skein of homespun mixed in with some eyelash yarn. It was $2.99 for the bag, so I figured I would take it home and see if I could use any of it.

Once home, I opened the package to see if any yarn was salvageable. Goodness! I got quite a deal! For less than three bucks I got ten skeins of yarn, including:

1 ball Sensations Bellezza Collection - Margherita in Color 3
1 skein Lion Brand Homepun in Barrington
1 ball Trendsetter Voila Print in Color 14
2 skeins Sensations Oceania in Orange Multi
2 skeins Lanna Gato Amsterdam in Color 2718
2 skeins Trendsetter Savvy in Color 4972


1 hank Noro Big Kureyon in Color 2.

The Noro alone makes the purchase well worth the money. In fact, much of the yarn had price tags of $10...$12...even $20 on them. Unfortunately I'm not much for the eyelash yarn and don't think I'll make anything with it. I'll hold onto it for now just in case.

I've already made a scarf from the Trendsetter Savvy, which I intend to donate to charity. The novelty yarn isn't my style, but maybe it will make someone else happy.

I'm in the process of making a simple shawl from the homespun, to keep at work for the extra chilly days (I swear they keep the temperatures below freezing -- I already have a scarf and fingerless gloves at my desk).

As for the Noro, well, I'll have to think of something special to make with that.


Ilix said...

Way to go on those thrift store finds!! Woot!
Can't wait to see what you make of them!

Jessica said...

Thanks :) It was definitely a steal.